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Commercial Gas Ranges, Charbroilers, Griddles, and Hot Plates

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Quality that is Guaranteed

A Leader in Gas Broiler Technologies offering many efficient sizes

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Since 1936, Connerton has provided the highest quality commercial Gas Ranges, charbroilers, griddles and hotplates at an affordable rate. Connerton works with their customers to continually improve the quality, design, and service through feedback from the chefs and restaurants who rely on their product. Connerton’s nationwide service agents ensure that the restaurants operate efficiently and smoothly. Our flagship unit the over & under broiler has served our customers since 1936 this legendary unit can cook a steak in five minutes due to its unique design. Connerton believes there are no finish lines when it comes to quality and customer service we are committed to improving our products through education across the board to support customer needs. We hope you like our Stainless Design, Superior value and Stellar Performance.

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We have over 80 years experience. We believe in quality customer service.

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